As a NEEMFest participant, it is your responsibility to ensure the event is a success as much as the it is for the organizers. To that end, we ask every performing attendee to volunteer for something. We offer a discount for those who are willing to commit to a few hours of participation in the following tasks:

  • Sound Engineer: Alan Parsons EAT YOUR HEART OUT!
  • VJ /Video Operator: Come on…you’ve always secretly wanted to try it!
  • Box Office: Selling Admission and Raffle Tickets, T-Shirts, NEEMFest CDs… hawk your merch!
  • Petting Zoo Security: No, you don’t get no stinkin’ badges.
  • Swing: Anything else… but not everything else…
  • Runner: Relay messages, coffee, cables, sticky notes, sticky fingers, etc., between stages and various admins, box office, petting zoo, etc.