Where is the event held?

NEEMFest will be held at The Homer Center for the Arts in Homer, NY USA — the same wonderful space we had last year.

Is this event “Pay to Play?”

Rather than viewing NEEMFest as a “pay to play” event, look at it as helping to make the festival happen (paying for the venue primarily); look at it as paying to see 58 other performances and/or seminars. Even the folks who organize this event pay to attend and no one sees a penny in their pockets. Quite the contrary, actually!

A closer analogy than “pay to play” is the fee one pays to attend trade events such as AES and NAMM — the artist event fee here is the equivalent of the exhibitor fee at those shows, and the non-performer fee is like tradeshow spectators who pay less, just for the privilege of walking around.

What is this electro-music.com thing anyway?

electro-music.com is a place where artists and musicians meet, collaborate, sell their wares, and nurture their audiences. There they create there own critical mass, so they can develop music on its own terms. electro-music.com is new music; still undefined; happening all over our planet. 

How will I Connect to the PA systems?

Your final outputs can be stereo or mono and should be either 1/4″ TR or balanced XLR. We prefer balanced XLR. If you use 1/4″, we would appreciate it if you could also bring a direct (DI) box; we can provide a few if needed. If more than one performer is onstage, you may either mix from the stage or send us multiple feeds. In general, we can mix for the audience better than you can from the stage. If you are planning to use open microphones of any kind (vocal mics, contact mics for electro-acoustic performance) it is helpful for us to know in advance.

What Video Resolution do you need?

If you’re bringing prepared or live-production video for your set, and you’re wondering what resolution to use, remember the old GIGA rule: garbage in, garbage out.

To be a little more specific: if you can play it on your computer and it looks OK, then we can project it on the screen, and it will look OK. But also as a rule of thumb, higher resolution is better.

To be even more specific: true high resolution video for NEEM use can be either 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080) resolution; which are close to the theatric 16:9 aspect ratio of our screens. 1080p is even a little bit of overkill because we are using projectors rather than LED screens. In truth, 360p and 480p are also great. Most people can’t tell the difference when projectors are used.

Frame rate during playback of up to 29.997 or 30 frame per second; you’ll probably have source video closer to 12 to 15 fps, which is also OK.

Older video sources that have the 4:3 aspect ratio (like TV screens from before the 1990s) will show black on the sides of the image, unless you edit the video in advance to fill that space somehow.

Any video editing should be done in advance, unless you’ve brought in your very own video artist to perform along with you during your set. If you’ve brought along a prepared video to display during your performance, please provide it on a standard USB stick, and your file will be copied off of the stick for playback (DO NOT play back directly from the stick—don’t ask questions, just nod your head—trust us on this).

But seriously? Don’t stress about it. Focus on your music performance.

The preferred file formats for playback should be any of these:

  • .AVI
  • .MOV
  • .MP4

Chances are we can play back anything, but those formats are more likely to play without a hitch.

Need more info? Check out this web site for more info and examples:

How are performance Slots Allocated?

There are a 59 available 30 minute slots: 21 each on Friday and Saturday starting at 11am and running to midnight, and 17 on Sunday, also starting at 11am and running to 10pm. Every attendee paying as a performer is entitled to a single 30 minute slot. You get to choose your first, second, and third most preferable performance days/times. We will make every attempt to accommodate all choices, but where there are conflicts, we try our best to make fair choices. Saturday after dinner is the most popular time, so that is the time where there is the most contention. Those slots can be solo or for a group. Performing attendees may also request collaboration slots. This is done by contacting us at “neemfest at neemfest dot org” (trying to keep the spammers guessing here…), or through the Contact form on this website, once the performer has paid the fee. These are allocated based on several criteria: inclusiveness, connection to a seminar, tradition, and the order in which the request is received. Every attempt will be made to accommodate requested collaboration slots, but the time slot will be at the discretion of the NEEMFest organizers (individual slots will be allocated first).

Where can I park?

“The White Zone is for Loading and Un-Loading only.”

– The Central Scrutinizer said to the Magical Pig.

Parking is available directly behind the venue. Please keep the rear doors of the arts center clear for un-loading and loading.

Be mindful of the handicapped parking out of consideration for those attendees that require them.

When can I Load in?

Load-in begins at 9am on Friday and continues throughout the event. Load-in happens at the rear entrance, but please do not leave your vehicle in the loading zone longer than 10-15 minutes so others can load/unload as well.

What’s this about Volunteers?

Since this is a “community” event, there is an expectation that the community runs it, meaning… well… you! Don’t worry if you have never run Front of House (“FoH”) sound, never created a multicolored moving squiggle (PP)(TM) on a wall with a computer or been a baby sitter for a room full of tasty synths; we will train you! Sign up and instead of the full attendee fee of $125, the price will be reduced to $80, all for just 30 minutes (or more, if you’re willing!) of your time.

There are five primary tasks for which we need help:

  • Runner – This is deliberately open-ended, and there’s really no good term for it; it means “person floating around available to deal with minor crises of the moment”.  There are always minor crises of the moment, so having runners available is much needed and hugely helpful.
  • Front of House (FoH) sound – Sitting at a mixer and ensuring all the levels remain within acceptable limits. You are not expected to be Alan Parsons recording “Dark Side of the Moon”, you are just making sure everything can be heard and that it doesn’t get to deafening levels. It’s surprisingly simple and we will train you.
  • Video Artist – Control a video projection/video art generation system. Again, we will train anyone who has never done this before, and it is not overly challenging
  • Baby sit the Petting Zoo – Make sure no one walks off with any gear who is not its owner and keep angry toddlers wielding ice cream cones away from $10k vintage bleep bloop boxes.
  • Box Office – help take tickets for attendees and audience who choose to pay at the door. You’ll also sell and keep track of merchandise sales.

We also need help with set-up on Thursday and tear down on Sunday night/Monday morning from as many folks as can be there, but since this is happening before and after the event, we can’t count that toward discounted performing attendee pricing.

How do I present a Seminar or workshop?

Did you invent an instrument? A performance technique? Do you have some knowledge about electronic music that you think is worth sharing with the world? Consider putting together a 30- to 60-minute seminar/workshop/interactive discussion. These are separate from the performance slots and are an important part of NEEMFest. Sign up to deliver one!

Will there be a NEEMFest Compilation release?

There won’t be a CD this year as there has been in previous years; instead, we’re doing a digital-only Bandcamp release, which allows for a great deal more flexibility.

DEADLINE: 11:59PM EST, Sunday August 11, 2019

Requirements: To make it work best for everyone, please submit your tracks as follows:

  • Please limit your track to no more than 30 minutes.
  • Only original pieces will be considered; no ‘covers’ will be considered, and songs must not contain any copyright samples. The artist retains all rights to their song; NEEMFest does not have any rights of ownership.
  • File format must be a 16bit/44.1KHz stereo WAV file. No other formats or resolution will be accepted.
  • Tracks must be submitted as a downloadable link (no soundcloud shares!) sent by email to neemfest@neemfest.org with the subject header “NEEMFest 2019 Song Submission by [Artist Name]” (where [Artist Name] is YOUR name or project name).
  • Please use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or other similar file sharing service to upload your file. If you use Soundcloud, be sure that the file is full resolution as above, and be sure to set it to be downloadable. Include a download link for that file in the email you send us.
  • Tracks must include at minimum the following metadata: Title, Artist, Album name if from a previous release, Year. If you don’t know how to apply metadata to your track, send that information in the email to us.
  • Track quality must be clean, i.e. no clipping, and no mastering required on our part
  • Levels must peak between -3 and -1 dB.
  • Avoid over-compression: if it looks like one big long square wave, it might be passed over.
  • SUPER-DUPER IMPORTANT: please please please for the love of all things NEEM-y, PLEASE TEST YOUR LINK at home before sending that email (using a variety of browsers if you can). If we can’t download it, then unfortunately it will not be included in the compilation. Please be aware that if we encounter issues downloading your song, then the NEEM Committee has the option to substitute a random middle school band class rendition of Barry Manilow’s “Copa Cabana” in the place of your song, but with your artist name attached.