Here you will find biographical information on the various artists performing at NEEMFest 2019

Jeremy dePrisco (aka Shivasongster) is a Pennsylvania musician, composer, performer, and sound artist using improvisation, collaboration, and noise to examine and recontextualize the alienation inherent in media influence, socially constructed reality, conspiracy, and myth.

Stochastic Whimsy is Brian Good and Bill Fox, and draws on a variety of influences ranging from Berlin School through Ambient to Free Jazz. Brian and Bill met through the Usenet group, and have been playing together ever since, performing at Electromusic/Neemfest, Different Skies and Meme. Brian has performed in a number of genres in a number of venues in the US and Europe, including the Montreux Jazz Festival. Trained in both classical and jazz performance, he is fluent on clarinet and tenor and soprano saxophones, along with the Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). He performs occasionally with an electro-acoustic ensemble composed primarily of members of the Detroit Symphony, and also performs occasionally with a big band in Boston. He presently works as a physicist at NASA Glenn Research Center, at least when the government isn’t shut down.

Woodswalker (Laura Todd) began her electronica journey by recording crickets, cicadas and frogs. “Nature is the true music.” She then bugged her son till he taught her about MIDI, digital recording and Cubase. Laura has played at the Electro-Music Festival every year since 2010, as well as the Cosmic Crossings series, Event Horizon and a local cat shelter benefit. Her musical influences include bluegrass, old time, Balkan, prog-rock, trance, and anything cosmic and spacey. She uses synths, nature samples and effects to create melodic pieces that are freeform, flowing and visionary.

Russ Hoffman – Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Russ Hoffman has been designing electronic devices and synthesizers since 1983, when his “Sound Synthesizer” project won Grand Champion at the inaugural York County Science and Engineering Fair. Hoffman enjoys playing synths and electric violin in his Pittsburgh studio, and occasionally inflicits his musical tastes on unsuspecting coffee shop patrons in the Pittsburgh area. He is a co-organizer of Pittsburgh’s annual Oscillate:Pittsburgh, an all-day synth performance and hangout event that happens every spring. Roboticist by day and synth manufacturer by night, Hoffman is the lead engineer, cook, and chief bottle-washer at Evaton Technologies, manufacturer of Eurorack synth modules and other noisy goodies. Evaton Technologies products are sold around the world.

More info about Evaton Technologies can be found at Hoffman will be bringing a small sampling of Evaton’s offerings for sale; contact him in person if interested while at NEEMFest!

Bill Fox plays bass, guitars, percussion, synthesizers, saxophone, and trombone and has performed in a variety of ensembles; community concert bands, pit orchestras, and small ensembles covering Celtic, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and electronic music. He regularly hosts two radio programs: Galactic Travels, an ambient/electronic space music program on WDIY, as well as Thought Radio, an electronic music, eclectic mix, and Progressive Rock program on WMUH. Bill is the creative director of the Soundscapes Concert Series, bringing electronic music performances to the Lehigh Valley from around the world.

Escape Velocity is the performance name of Ron Holmes from State College, PA. He grew up in the Philadelphia area listening to the electronic sounds of the Diaspar program beaming on the radio waves of WXPN. From there he discovered early electronic music that complimented his love of prog rock and bands heavily steeped in keyboard synthesizers. Vowing one day to learn an instrument and possibly own and play a synthesizer he started taking classical piano lessons late in life. After dabbling in software synthesizers he bought his first real modular synthesizer to learn the basics of subtractive synthesis a few years ago. More recently this has been scaled down to smaller synths in order to accommodate traveling and playing live. Today a mix of hardware and software synthesizers is used. The music of Escape Velocity is inspired by 1970’s space music and influenced by bands who continue to play this kind of music today such as Red Shift, Gert Emmens, and Free System Projekt. Rhythmic sequencers, spacey mellotron sounds, and trips into the ambient world will be the focus of his performance.

Staticer is an outlet for mostly electronic instrumental explorations. This results in minimal, mood-setting music that does not always drive your attention. Ambient, drone, a little noise. Relax into it and ride along. Consider it a soundtrack to your daydreams.

5tok3 – just another modular synth guy trying to gather a tune from chaos.

DFLT is Tom Bruce and Jim Spitznagel. Sez Tom, “I’m a musician, sound designer, and occasional engineer. I saw my first electronic music concert in 1969, it was the first-ever public performance using a Minimoog. These days I make music using iPads as my primary platform, with a wide variety of instruments/apps. I often play a Teenage Engineering OP-1, as well. I like hardware synths in the studio, though I hate to lug around any except the tiny Mutable Instruments Shruthi.” Meanwhile, James Spitznagel has been working in the visual arts and music fields for the last 50 years. His recent digital music explorations are part of a cohesive artistic statement that stretches the imagined uses of iPads and gaming devices to fit his abstract vision of thoughts, dreams, and reality. Tom Bruce and James Spitznagel both live in Ithaca, New York.

Twyndyllyngs are an electronic music chamber ensemble playing spacemusic that is suitable for everything from planetarium presentations to deep inner thought explorations. This duo consists of Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox. Twyndyllyngs have been performing improvised electronic chamber music since 2003. They have performed at electronic music festivals in Europe and North America. They perform weekly on the internet radio station on most Saturday evenings at 6 PM Eastern USA time. Twyndyllyngs’ experimental work is in many diverse styles ranging from neoclassical to experimental. Bill Fox studied electrical engineering and electronic music at The Ohio State University. He is proficient on electric bass and guitar, saxophone, and various synthesizers. He formerly worked at AT&T – Microelectronics/Lucent Technologies in Allentown, Pennsylvania where he first met Howard Moscovitz in 1992 after having known each other only through email since the 1980s. Bill performs in several bands besides Twyndyllyngs including Prog Rock, symphonic band, and orchestra. He has also performed in folk, Celtic, and Rock ensembles plus pit orchestras for musicals. He produces two radio programs which have a worldwide internet audience as well as an associated concert series. Howard Moscovitz has graduate degrees in both music composition and electrical engineering. He began working on electronic music in 1967 with William Hoskins at Jacksonville University. He received an MFA in electronic music from Mills College where he studied with Robert Asheley, Stanley Lunetta, Darius Milhaud and John Cage. While working as a free lance composer, Howard earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1981. He then moved to Pennsylvania to work as a designer of the first DSP micro-circuit at Bell Labs where he met Bill. Howard started in 2002. The community has produced dozens of festivals in the USA and Europe.

Project Ruori is a top-secret federation formulating threnodies strategically connected to the post-postmodern rubric. We bake pseudomusic, tricky static, the music of the spheres, framed pictures nailed into the Fourth Wall, and an indeterminate quantity of cordless office supplies to manipulate observers with an underwhelming spiritual scientific proof. (You don’t have to write this down. This is not going to be on the exam.)

Rich Kennicutt is an keyboard-based electronic music composer and performer from Binghamton, NY. Finite Element is heavily influenced by the composers from the Berlin School of Electronic music in the 1970s, such as Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Ashra, and are characterized by analog sequencer lines accompanied by soaring synthesizer melodies. Rich’s compositions also contain elements of Ambient, Dark Ambient, Classical, Rock, and Blues music. Check out Finite Element’s first CD, House of Cards, on a variety of streaming services including Amazon Music and Spotify. Rich’s 2nd CD, Convergence will be oming out soon.

Bev Stanton has been recording electronic music for more than 20 years under the moniker Arthur Loves Plastic. The catalyst for her latest project, which embraces an improvised DAWless approach, was winning a Pocket Operator in last year’s NEEM raffle.

Thomas R. Bruce is a musician and sound designer living in Ithaca, NY. He performs as a solo artist and in collaborations: DFLT (with James Spitznagel), Beard Farm (with Karl Fury), and WPS (with Charles Shriner). At different points in a varied and checkered career, he has been hailed as an artistic vandal by Opera News, lauded as a leading innovator and visionary in the American legal profession by the American Bar Association Journal, and found eminently suitable for employment by Fluegel Brothers’ Dog and Pony Circus by leading theatrical critic Leonard Simons, who declared himself willing to put in a call to Colonel Fluegel on his behalf.

Joe Belknap Wall – Joe grew up in Scaggsville, fell in love with headphones, magnetic tape, radio drama, and the glorious inexplicable sounds that came phasing in across the ionosphere from other lands to his old shortwave radio, and started telling stories, arranging sounds into pleasing patterns, and performing live whenever he could. In recent years, he’s concentrated on abstract electro-acoustic music with his solo project, Kantoendrato, collaborations with fantastic musicians, and longform performance storytelling with improvised electronic soundtracks.

Juan Garces is an experimental and improvisational musician and electronics and synthesizer enthusiast. He uses vintage and contemporary synthesizers, sequencers, live looping, and a laptop computer to take his listeners on a unique, imaginative journey. He has been playing experimental music since the late 1970s.

redgreenblue is the electro-ambient project of Shane King. Drawing from a long legacy of electronic music pioneers and using a mix of hardware and software redgreenblue is music that appreciates the past and keeps moving forward. The songs are often long form, constantly evolving and plenty of small details to discover on each listening. Live, redgreenblue is a performance based affair were the technology is there to assist the performer, not be the star of the show. Using a variety of controllers redgreenblue’s shows are visually and aurally compelling. redgreenblue’s next album ‘RESISTOR’ will be his most ambitious and expected sometime in 2019.

Chaka Benson, Philly native and Central High School grad, grew up on a diverse diet of local music ranging from Schooly D to Sun Ra. He’s brought those learnings to various projects across a multitude of genres. He has work under the name Trikonometry using midi and software synthesis. In the past couple of years, he has focused strictly in the hardware synthesis realm, and has a deep and abiding passion for the Eurorack format.

Modular Moose is a solo experimental music project that is focused on exploring the nearly untouched sonic frontier that is electroacoustic music. Centered around an ever-morphing modular synthesizer, Modular Moose combines instruments and noise makers of varying timbre using inventive compositional techniques to craft interesting new sounds.

Chris Wikman will be debuting his new modular synth project known as Free.Space.Energy. Combining music styles from free jazz to spacey ambient, and using generative music techniques, Chris performs as musician and conductor of a 6 piece virtual ensemble. Chris is a multi-media performing artist, musician, producer, videographer, craftsman, and engineer, from Germantown, MD. Recent performances often feature a large modular audio synthesis system, and his custom built audio devices such as the “Ever Evolving Pipe Dream Machine” and the “Chain Box”. His solo material ranges broadly among dark ambient, industrial, drone/noise and new age/electronica. Other musical projects have included the well known duo Audio Mace with Al Baldwin, and the soundtrack “Kadath – the Dream Quest” as part of the group XCross.

Frank Arico is a Philadelphia area musician who is reemerging onto the scene after playing electronica festivals in the 1980s. He cites, Brain Eno, Steve Roach and Philip Glass as influences. Frank plays guitar and keyboards and is interested in music scoring, generative music and sound installations. Frank recently played at EM Fest and the Phoenixville Art Center.

Harrison McKay – Structured improvisations for Guitar, Looping and Electronics. Harrison is a member of Tangent-Project, a Berlin School Sequencer based space music Duo based outside of Philadelphia.

Ombient – (aka Mike Hunter) is a conjunction of the Hindu mantra “Om” and the word Ambient, a moniker that well represents how he tends to look at what he sonically creates. His work is part meditation and part ambient improvistation. Ombient’s music ranges all over the electronic musical map… ambient, drone, experimental, space rock, avant garde… et cetera. Ombient’s music, being of a live and improvisational nature, is representative of the feeling of the moment in which it is performed and of the subtle feedback between the audience and the performer. Ombient uses vintage and modern analog and digital synths and sofware applications to extend his horizons, and even occasionally plays guitar (his, truth be told, best known instrument.) Mike is also the host of the radio show Music With Space on WPRB 103.3 FM out of Princeton, NJ which has aired for over 10 years continuously. 

Nail Jung is the pseudonym of Jazz pianist, synthesist and composer Neil “Nail” Alexander. Neil has been performing and composing since 1978. A musician who thrives on variety, Neil is involved with a wide variety of projects including his contemporary electric/acoustic jazz ensemble NAIL (celebrating their 20th anniversary this year). In 2013 Neil realized a long-standing dream and released a solo piano CD, “Darn That Dream: Solo Piano Vol. 1”, to critical acclaim. A follow up disc, “Solo Piano Vol 2: Live In LA” was released in March of this year. Neil’s long-standing relationship with synthesizers & electronic music goes back to his first synth in 1978. He immediately made those sounds a part of his extensive musical vocabulary and never looked back, frequently performing solo in an all- electronic context, now under the name Nail Jung. His most recent electronic music CD is entitled “Soft Invaders” culled from a live on-air radio performance on Mike Hunter’s “Music With Space” program. Neil began attending the Electro-Music Festivals in Huguenot, NY in 2012 where to his great surprise he discovered dozens of like-minded performers & composers, and has been performing and collaborating with other participants ever since. This Year Nail Jung will be releasing 4 new collections of music, one for each season. Neil has also worked with various ensembles and Tribute groups including “The Machine”, “The Mahavishnu Project” and most recently, “Mr. Gone”, focusing on the music of jazz giants “Weather Report” & Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters”. He began using Ableton LIVE software as a jazz musician in search of better ways to realize improvisational electronic music quickly. In 2012 he started the Ableton Hudson Valley Users Group (AHVUG), teaching workshops in his home base of Newburgh NY, as well as surrounding towns.

James Spitznagel has been working in the visual arts and music fields for the last 50 years. His recent digital art explorations are part of a cohesive artistic statement that stretches the imagined uses of iPads, computers, and printers to fit his abstract vision of thoughts, dreams, and reality.Spitznagel has performed and recorded electronic music with DFLT, The Bemus Point, The Electric Golem, and Plus Ultra.

Steve Horelick – Steve’s concerts are live electronic immersive musical journeys inspired by quantum waves, helical spirals and Fibonacci sequences. His quad performances abound with spatially evolving patterns and mesmerizing electro-symphonic ethereal tonalities. He sends his variety of Buchla instruments and ZenDrum’s output through his proprietary Logic Pro X surround/quad 3D panning environments and processing algorithms, creating rich reverberant soundscapes filled with intricately shifting timbres and cascading rhythms. He has performed and recorded an album, interSonic, with Jordan Rudess and has concertized in Berlin @SuperBooth, New York, Toronto and San Francisco.

Gianni Intili – Italian-born Gianni Intili has been involved with the fine arts throughout his life. Starting as a painter, color theorist, sculptor and poet, he would infuse his art into architecture, planning and interior design. Guided by many of his seasoned musician friends, that he jammed and learned improvisation. GI played with Sparse, an Avant-garde Abstract Quartet who played the MusiXplore Summer Solstice Concert in Paterson NJ, along with ATONAL, Symmetry and ArtCrime, and at eeeem18 at the Williams Center for Performing Arts in Rutherford, NJ. GI has participated in other projects like the ‘NONAME’ Trio, the duets of Bellagio and Tremezzo, and currently with Mario-enrique Paoli. GI has also performed with solo performances at NEEM, North East Electro Music Festivals in 2017 and 2018, ab pluribus unum 2018, and he’s curretly sponsoring the eeemfest in Rutherford, NJ for the 2nd year . As GI1 the Music exploration relates to Architecture in its structure and spatial construction, Painting with sounds colors and Poetry with its message of consonance and dissonance.

Symmetry is everywhere. It relates to many things, both natural and human-made, but particularly to music, mathematics and electronics. The concept of Symmetry as an electronic music band was originally established in June of 1978 amid studies in Geometry and Surrealist Art. Naturally, its chosen medium was electronic since the associated technology comprises all aspects of symmetry from both a physical and theoretical standpoint. JEM (a.k.a. Jose E. Murcia) has traversed the full gamut of electronic musical expression starting in the late 70s with Musique Concrete generated by tape recorders, radios, found sounds, home-made and circuit-bent electronic gadgets with which he forged his own brand of experimental Rock. After a brief stint in the military, he continued in the 80s with Synth Pop created on consumer electronic keyboards, synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. It was then that he began to infuse elements of Prog Rock with Jazz and New Age in his music. More recently, he’s been doing live remixes of Ambient Electronica, EDM and World Fusion using loopers, sequencers, samplers and MP3s (no laptops or iPads). This year, he continues to present material from his “Tribut Musik” project.Chat Conversation EndType a message…

The Equinox Project is, Karl Fury, Juan Garces and David Berends
Karl Fury is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from central New Jersey. His musical background ranges from rock and blues to jazz-rock, world music, ambient, electronic and free improvisation. He has performed at numerous venues, including the Trenton Avant Garde Festival, Artworks and The Mill Hill Theatre (all in Trenton, NJ); Columbia University and Princeton University; and live radio broadcasts from WPRB (Princeton, NJ), WTSR (Trenton, NJ), WDVR (Delaware Twp, NJ) and WLFR (Galloway, NJ). Karl performed and recorded for several years in the world music duo Near East with Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa. Karl continues to collaborate and record with Dr. Brad Garton, head of the Columbia University Computer Music Center in New York City, and with The Melting Transistor, an improvisational electronic music trio that includes Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe. The Melting Transistor have performed at several Electro-Music festivals in New York state and Asheville, NC, at the Event Horizon concert series in Philadelphia, at Cosmic Crossings in Washington Crossing, NJ, and on WPRB’s Music With Space and WLFR’s Digital Dreams. A founding member of The Equinox Project with Juan Garces and David Berends, Karl also continues to record and perform solo instrumental music. Juan Garces is an experimental and improvisational musician and electronics and synthesizer enthusiast. He uses vintage and contemporary synthesizers, sequencers, live looping, and a laptop computer to take his listeners on a unique, imaginative journey. He has been playing experimental music since the late 1970s. Juan is a founder and constant in the improvisational music projects The Melting Transistor with Floyd Bledsoe and Karl Fury, The Equinox Project with David Berends and Karl Fury, and Black Thujone with Mike Hunter. Juan has played solo and group performances at various venues, including Electro Music in New York State and Asheville, NC; Rowan University; Event Horizons in Philadelphia; the Cosmic Crossings Concert Series in Washington Crossing, NJ; and on live radio broadcasts on Music With Space (WPRB, 103.3 FM, Princeton, NJ) and Digital Dreams (WLFR, 91.7FM, Galloway, NJ). Juan has also collaborated with Dr. Brad Garton, head of the Columbia University Computer Music Center, in New York City, on numerous projects, and continues to collaborate with other experimental musicians as often as he can. In his deep past, Juan performed live with Ted Klett and Tom McMillan (PaxElectronic Collective/Area 25), Tommy Buzz Matthews, Ian Kelly and Eli Ward (Sonic Alchemy), and Michael Mironov (Dancing Water Percussion Ensemble). Pianist, composer and synthesist David Berends received his formal musical training at the Peabody Conservatory, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and the Westminster Choir College. His informal training came though countless rock, jazz, and solo piano gigs with a wide variety of artists including prog rockers Tank (with Bill Berends [guitar] and Rich Berends [drums], 1975-1978), legendary jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan (1978), Rock’n’Roll legend Chuck Berry (1979-1980), New Wave band The Name (with John Bush [vocals, bass] and Allen Lind [drums], 1980-1983), and The Jack Furlong Quartet (2005-2007), a straight-ahead sax jazz ensemble. In 2008, Berends formed The Jersey Jazz Trio with bassist Lance Sulton, performing with various drummers including Rich Saborsky, Mike Ipri, David Stier and Chic Sperell. The trio performed dozens of straight-ahead acoustic gigs in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania before disbanding in 2012. Since then, Berends has focused his musical attention on two endeavors: composing, recording and performing original pieces for solo piano (witness his 2017 release of Murakami Winter [I Virtuosi Records]), and most recently, revisiting his experimental music roots by joining forces with noted electronica musicians Karl Fury and Juan Garces. Karl Fury, Juan Garces, and David Berends together comprise The Equinox Project, a synergistic ensemble of digital, analog, electro-acoustic and acoustic music.

Scott Armstrong and the Euro-EWI – Scott Armstrong is interested in combining circuit bent sounds and glitchy circuits into the Eurorack universe driven by an EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). He had an EWI long before he had any Eurorack equipment and in 2017 began to learn how to combine the two by fabricating custom cases and building module kits. Also, he is a big fan of works from Ray Wilson’s Music From Outer Space (MFOS), Thomas Henry’s use of the SN76477, Forrest Mims III circuits and the Cracklebox from STEIM (the STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music). In the future he plans to build more circuits and modules that incorporate chips that were once the sounds of pinball machines and video games.

Robert Dorschel – Robert is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist hailing from Kingston, NY. Robert does a fair job at creating detailed melodic soundtrack and synth-based compositions. Yet, he is haunted by the fact that he failed his “Piano for Non-Music Majors” course in college; as a result, he plays “Chopsticks” for a few hours straight each night while chuckling quietly to himself.

Alex Ball – Alex is a modern-day renaissance man in all things synth. He produces YouTube videos of his compositions featuring vintage synths, with a focus on modern music production using older gear. Alex’s music has also been featured in an episode of the Netflix series, “Stranger Things”. He has produced modern-day documentaries on synths, having recently released “Land of the Rising Sound—A Roland Retrospective” as well as “How the Escape From New York music was made (feat. Alan Howarth)”. These videos are all done—in his spare time—when he’s not working at a full-time career as a composer, producer and supervisor role at a major British ad agency in music production for several hundred broadcast campaigns for TV and other media. NEEMFest’s Robert Dorschel will host an interview via Skype on Sunday with Alex to speak about his audio, composition, and video processes as well as what it takes to get you to this level of audio & video output as a creative, complete with audience Q&A. He also makes a fair attempt of incorporating video elements into his performance, simultaneously from his stage rig which is triggered live via MIDI. Alex also does many topical videos on his YouTube channel.

Bill Vencil – Bill is the creative force behind the YouTube channel/group known as “Chords of Orion” and “Chords of Orion Long Play,” “ambient guitar music for the mind and heart.” He has been playing ambient/progressive style guitar for many years. He began producing ambient guitar looping and recording technique videos, uploaded to YouTube for over three years to date. Bill’s goal has been to produce two-or-more videos per week. Since then, this hobby has developed into full-blown musical equipment demos and discussions on ambient guitar technique, plus reaching your audience; also, he began a second YouTube channel with meditational long-play ambient guitar music. Please tune in and subscribe! Chord of Orion’s NEEMFest performance will be Bill’s first public performance in years. He will also host two workshops on various topics including technique, and reaching your audience.

PYXL8R is the ongoing musical project of Brainstatik keyboardist and Cosmic Crossings co-founder/visualist Ken Palmer. Atmospheric, otherworldly, and always dense with unusual sonic textures, PYXL8R’s long-form synthesizer compositions are always performed completely live with no backing tracks. To achieve all of this on stage, Ken is usually joined by his talented son Kyle and daughter Sage. Unfortunately, neither of his spawn are available to participate in PYXL8R’s performance this weekend, so hope for the best as Ken performs truly solo for the first time since 2011. Listen to PYXL8R’s music at

His Divine Shadow — Like thoughts held between recall and forgetting. Establishing a space
to be and move, outside time and expectations. A ride in the slipstream. Jim Wells (aka Staticer) and Reka Wells (aka Fainting Lessons) are based in Ithaca, NY.

Fainting Lessons (Reka Wells) – Alternately dramatic, dreamy, jarring, otherworldly and noisy.
Offering eclectic ambient explorations of layered melodies in a pool
of shiny darkness. Fainting Lessons is also one half of His Divine

PYXL8R is the ongoing musical project of Brainstatik keyboardist and Cosmic Crossings co-founder/visualist Ken Palmer. Atmospheric, otherworldly, and always dense with unusual sonic textures, PYXL8R’s long-form synthesizer compositions are always performed completely live with no backing tracks. To achieve all of this on stage, Ken is usually joined by his talented son Kyle and daughter Sage. Unfortunately, neither of his spawn are available to participate in PYXL8R’s performance this weekend, so hope for the best as Ken performs truly solo for the first time since 2011. Maybe he will even make an attempt to finish his own visuals this time! Listen to PYXL8R’s music at the PXYL8R bandcamp site.

Rob Snyder, performing as Electronic Dog Dream, is a musician and software engineer living and working in Ithaca, NY. Rob spent most of his early musical career as a percussionist and bassist, working musicals way, way off broadway, playing in far too many swing dance bands, and covering every 80s rock song you wish you could forget in bars you’re glad you’ve never been to. For the last couple of years, he has turned his attention to ambient electronic music, working both as a solo artist and in collaboration with others.You can hear more of his work at

As a boy, RP Stewart, or slobbob, as his brother so affectionately called him, never learned how to play the electric guitar, just how to make noise with one. Many years later, he’s still at it, only now sculpting electronic soundscapes in a small home studio in upstate NY. In 2012, he joined up the SpeakEasy Society, a spoken word co-operative for live performance based in Geneva, NY. From there lead him to here. RP’s always been about new music. His current “must mix” includes artists such as Samsaya, OSSE, and Celldöd.  For more information go to:  and