Thanks to the 32 artists who participated in the 2018 survey. Here is a summary (unredacted) of it. The full results are available to the House only if a subpoena is issued 😉

Date Preference: The majority voted for Columbus day weekend in October. The board is considering this change for 2020. Since October is in the busy season for most venues, this might impact the event costs significantly.

Event Venue: It seems nearly everyone prefers to remain at The Homer Center for the Arts.

Event Length: The vast majority prefers to keep the event at three days in length

Event Costs: $50-$75 is the sweet spot, though many were willing to see the cost increase to cover special guests and such.

Event Special Guests and Donations: A majority emerged for budgeting for this. We decided to encourage volunteers by setting the price at $125 with a discount that drops to $80 if you elect to volunteer. We really need you help, as this is an all volunteer event. Thanks in advance!

Event Non-Profit Status: Most canniot contribute to making this happen, but want to say informed about the possibilities. Many did indicate that they would be willing to help make this a reality…those folks shuld be prepared to be tapped to assit should this occur.

Event Format: The vast preference is to stick with the two stage format with separate seminar space.

Event Artist Requirements: The majority chose to indicate that they think every attendy should be required to take a shift at a sound board on one of the stages or doing video for a performance. They also indicate that doing a seminar or “My Process” talk should also be a requirement. Since this event is as much as a gathering of the community for educational purposes, this seems advisable.

Event Communication: Apparently we are doing a good job with this. Thanks! For those who did not agree, we are taking significate steps to improve this for 2019.

Event Lodging: A vast majority prefers to find their own lodging arrangements rather than the NEEMFest staff securing blocks of rooms. (Thanks, we have enough to do already! 😛 )

Event Meals: Most voters prefer to find their own meals. A large majority perfer 90 minutes for Dinner.